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December 2018

Building a Strong (and Well-Rounded) Team

December 18

Learn how to build a strong and well-rounded team to do risk-based work.
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Making a Winning Business Case: Step-by-Step

December 18

Learn how to craft a compelling business case around your idea and develop the financial foundation to gain project approval. Then discover the techniques to garner support and participation within your organization.
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The Art and Science of Ethical Persuasion

December 21

Learn how to use ethical and scientifically proven principles of persuasion to convince your audience.
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5 Simple Steps to Get Better People On Your Team

December 25

A high-performing risk-based team requires a mix of skills in governance, risk, audit, compliance, ethics and IT (we use the acronym GRACE-IT to remember them all). Finding and selecting the right folks in these diverse disciplines can be hard -- but it doesn't have to be!
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